“Buffalo Stack is an easy band to like. The ensemble’s debut record is a mix of various styles, including rock, soul, country, and blues. Saying that, though, gives the music short shrift because in some ways it almost seems indefinable…the band is a cohesive unit…(Andy Stack’s) guitar playing is never flashy, but it’s surprising, soulful, and always in the right place. …he has an engaging, pure voice…here’s hoping the group will build up a strong enough following to be around a while and make more great music.” – JOHN HEIDT, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Feb 2015

“…It’s a far twang from “My Old Kentucky Home” or “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”. Fragmented and dissonant, full of fragile melody and tensile strength, this music, played by Andy Stack, evokes cracked-glass lyricism… ” – NY Times

“The new darling… is Buffalo Stack. The band’s eponymous first album was released last month, giving this sophisticated, New York-bred Americana band the sheen of a summer romance with such accomplished musicality that you know you can love it for the long haul.” – Mark Levy, Cambridge Day 9/15/2014

“Before the band got through the chorus of their first song, “Maryanne,” I was hooked… Stack is one of the most expressive guitar players I’ve heard recently…By this point in the show, it was clear that the comparisons to the Band and Jack White fell short. The songs had the same kinds of country-fied, gospelly, bluesy pop-rock progressions, and that made them all feel familiar, but that doesn’t make Andy Stack the musical descendant of Levon Helm any more than Bill Clinton is the musical student of George Clinton. All the members of Buffalo Stack have clearly been listening to heavy doses of the same things that Helm and Danko listened to — and inspired — but this is new music. Buffalo Stack’s self-titled album was recorded in Hudson and is available from all the usual online stores. It deserves regular play in your roots-rock music rotation” – Eric Gleason, Nippertown

“Andy Stack is more than just a singer/songwriter – he is a world-class guitarist who has written many excellent songs which he sings in a very natural, spontaneous way. He creates a palette of sound that is both sophisticated and accessible, a combination only seen in the likes of visionaries like Joni Mitchell.” – Cary Brown

“ANDY STACK stepped up to the stage and belted out tunes in the style of Jeff Buckley. With his petite frame and grace, captivated the audience with his very competent backing band” -Emergenza Music Festival

“Andy Stack’s guitar playing impresses with its fluidity and gracefulness.” – The Working

“As leader and a solo artist, Stack’s approach to songwriting, guitar playing and singing is sweeping. He generates creative expression with broad strokes. He builds momentum with nuance, but he comes at you with a full-throttle approach that lifts you up and places you back down gently.
Stack knows when to apply pressure. And he knows when to take his foot off the gas pedal. He gives it all a gentle nudge with a little swing, as he combines old-school sensibility with a contemporary edge” – The Falcon


Andy Stack - Vintage Guitar Magazine


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