"Buffalo Stack is an easy band to like. The ensemble’s debut record is a mix of various styles, including rock, soul, country, and blues. Saying that, though, gives the music short shift because in some ways it almost seems indefinable…the band is a cohesive unit…(Andy Stack's) guitar playing is never flashy, but it’s surprising, soulful, and always in the right place. ...he has an engaging, pure voice…here’s hoping the group will build up a strong enough following to be around a while and make more great music." - JOHN HEIDT, Vintage Guitar Magazine



After thirteen years as a successful NYC pro musician, Andy Stack was ready for a change. He and his wife Tania Elizabeth (of the Avett Brothers and The Duhks) moved up to the Hudson Valley on a whim and quickly fell in love with the rich culture and talent-filled community.

Now living in Beacon, NY, Andy is establishing himself as a world-class producer, engineer, teacher and performer.

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